5 Signs Your Car Needs Engine Repairs

Your car engine is valuable to the functioning of your car, there is no doubt about that. So when your engine starts to suffer from issues and needs repairs, you want to make sure to address these problems ASAP. You don’t want to end up paying the price for delaying repairs further down the road (literally!). Here are a few signs that your car needs engine repairs.

1.   Check Engine Light

Sometimes, the most obvious sign can be the most telling. Though many of us may think the check engine light turns on on our dashboard because of a glitch or something that is not important, the check engine light can also signal that you need to get your engine checked out immediately. As soon as the check engine light turns on, visit your favorite auto shop.

2.   Stalling

A problem with engine components or inner workings can render it unable to fully power your vehicle, causing your car to stutter and stall at the worst moments. You don’t want to get stuck with a stalled vehicle on the highway or on a hilltop, so at the first sign of stalling or stuttering, make sure to get your vehicle checked out by a professional technician.

3.   Knocking Noise

Any noise coming from your vehicle can be a cause for concern. When you hear a knocking noise coming from your car, this can signal loose or worn-out engine bearings. The role of engine bearings is to provide friction between an engine’s moving parts. Worn-out engine bearings can pose a serious risk while you’re on the road, so visit an auto shop as soon as possible for replacement!

4.   Increase of Exhaust Smoke

An increase in exhaust smoke can be a very telling sign when it comes to engine repairs. The fascinating thing is that the color of the exhaust smoke can indicate the type of problem going on with your engine. For example, black exhaust smoke can mean that too much gasoline is being burnt, while blue exhaust smoke signals burning oil.

5.  Decreased Vehicle Performance

When your end engine needs repairs, your car will show it, of course! A drop in your car’s fuel efficiency, rough idling, and trouble accelerating can all signal a problem with your engine. If you notice any of these things, a trip to the auto shop is much-needed!

Get Your Engine Repaired By a Professional!

We want our vehicles to last us a long time, which is why we will do everything in our power to ensure repairs are being made in time without further delay! When your car needs engine repairs, you will notice a few signs such as the ones listed above. Visiting an auto shop means a professional will be able to check your engine and perform the right services and repairs it needs.

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