8 Common Types Of Locks

n order to be more confident about the protection of your home or business, it doesn’t hurt to know more about the different types of locks and their functions. You may end up learning more about the lock that fits exactly what you’re looking for! Here are 8 common types of locks that provide security and reassurance!

●     Padlocks

A padlock is the only type of lock that is not attached to anything else. Padlocks can have combinations or require keys to open.

●     Knob Locks

Knob locks are the common type of locks found in homes. Sometimes there are additional deadbolts attached, but knob locks are usually the main form of security for homes.

●     Deadbolts

Deadbolts are usually installed on external doors, and can come in three types. These three types are single, double, and lockable thumbturn. Deadbolt locks have lock bolts that move with the turning of a knob or key without a spring.

●     Keypad Locks

If the name doesn’t give it away, keypad locks are opened using a numerical keypad instead of a key. Keypad locks can be mechanical or battery-powered, using deadbolt, knob, or mortise locks for the locking mechanism.

●     Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are a powerful type of lock that comes in two options: light-duty or heavy-duty. Because these locks have an internal system, they are often regarded as a lockset. Mortise locks can have either knobs or levers.

●     Smart Locks

For a modern edge and for home or business owners who are particularly tech-savvy, smart locks are electronic door locks with a keypad or keyhole. These locks can also be locked or unlocked with a phone or key fob. One of the most appealing features of smart locks is they are also Wi-Fi or bluetooth-enabled!


●     Chain Locks

You may spot chain locks most often in apartment or hotel buildings. This lock has a chain that stops the door from being opened even if the door knob or deadbolt is unlocked, adding more protection when needed. A chain lock can be conveniently used as a third layer of security!

●     Sliding Door Locks

These types of locks are used to secure sliding doors by causing a latch to go up and hold the door in place in the frame. The lock is fairly simple, and is really mainly used to hold sliding doors in place. If you have a sliding door without a proper lock, a sliding door lock is the best option!


When You Need A New Lock…

Go with a professional locksmith! Whether you need a Hesperia locksmith or Victorville locksmith, you can find the right expert technician to install a brand-new lock on your property! Keep your home or business completely safe and secure with the right trusty lock. No matter what your needs may be, be reassured there is the perfect lock to provide that extra layer of security and protection you’ve been looking for. Don’t delay, get started on getting the right professional lock installation you need now!

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