Signs You Need AC Repair In Your Vehicle

s the temperature starts to rise, we all seek air conditioning, whether in our homes or our cars! If your air conditioning is not working, you may feel uncomfortable during hot weather, especially if your commute is long. Don’t let your AC get the best of you. Here are some signs to keep an eye out for that can signal your vehicle needing AC repair!

Airflow Issues

When we turn on our vehicle’s AC, we expect a powerful flow of air to instantly cool our entire vehicle. One big sign that your car needs AC repair is when after turning on the air-conditioning, you feel little to no airflow! If this occurs, you should take your vehicle into a professional auto repair shop to get it checked out as soon as possible.

Loss of Cooling

When the days grow hotter, our vehicle’s air conditioning can feel like a lifeline during the commute to school or work. If your car is not cooling when you turn on the air-conditioning and you can feel that there is no refreshing air circulating the car’s cabin, you need to get your air conditioning system checked out!

Bad Smells

When there is a bad smell coming from your AC, this can indicate a dirty filter. Cabin filters need to be replaced in order to prevent mold from developing that can spread to a vehicle’s evaporator or air vents. Filters are usually replaced during vehicle maintenance services, so if it’s been a while since you took your car in, this may be the root cause.

Odd Noises

As soon as you hear any strange noises coming from your air conditioning, this can be a major cause of concern. A rattling noise from your vehicle’s AC can indicate a broken fan blower or stuck debris In the system. A high-pitched tone can signal that there is some issue with the AC belts. It’s best to get this checked out, because this may be warning you of larger damage in the future.

Water In Your Car

A crack in the hose or some other type of AC leak can lead to water in your car. If you notice water on your dashboard or leaks under your floor mats, it is best not to wait to get your car checked out by a professional mechanic. These leaks can cause major damage to your car’s interior!

Need AC Repair and Maintenance?

When the temperatures rise, you want to make sure your car’s AC is in top-notch working condition. If you are looking for a Highland auto repair shop to complete some much-needed AC repairs or maintenance services, you can turn to Import Automotive! When your AC starts having issues, it can actually affect your entire journey. At Import Automotive, we will make sure to thoroughly examine your vehicle’s air conditioning to decide to find the best solution. When your AC works, you can take on high temperatures without breaking a sweat (literally)!

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