Wedding Tent Options – Cabanas, Structures, Or Yurts

Wedding tents options

When planning a wedding, you might be wondering what your options are when it comes to tent rental. You can choose between Cabanas, Structures, and Yurts. Here are some tips to help you choose the best option. Yurts are an ideal option for outdoor weddings because they offer a natural look while remaining completely encased. They are also a beautiful option if you are looking for an elegant tent for an outdoor wedding.


Yurts are round, wood structures with domed roofs. They make excellent wedding venues. A yurt should have a dance floor and a place for storing items, like wedding photos. A wedding will need to be fun and festive, so consider the yurt’s design. If you’re planning a destination wedding, this style is a great option. The price is reasonable, too, at under $100 per person.

Structure tents

If you want a large open interior, consider a Structure Tent for your wedding or special event. These structures are crafted without internal poles or external ropes, allowing you to make the most of your interior space. They are also a versatile option for use over other structures, such as pools. If your venue is surrounded by concrete, you can choose a tent with side walls to provide added stability. Regal’s team of experienced installers and project managers can help you make the right choice for your event.

Cabana tents

When planning a wedding, many couples look to cabana tents as an attractive option. They can be decorated in a variety of ways, from the traditional to the unconventional. For instance, a strand of assorted twinkle lights can add an extra touch of romance. Or, you can go for a subtle pop of color with delicate fairy lights. Whatever you do, it will make your day unique.

Yurts with a natural look

You may have heard of yurts before, but if you’ve never been inside one, you’re missing out. These cylindrical houses with conic roofs were once used by nomadic herders. Yurts are great wedding tent options because they can be adapted to fit a variety of styles, from Arabian to rustic country. Depending on your needs, a yurt can be built to accommodate up to eight guests.

Yurts with a peaked ceiling

If you’re looking for an outdoor wedding venue, consider renting a yurt with a peaked ceiling. These tents are ancient dwellings of nomadic people from Central Asia. They’re round, feature a peaked ceiling and clear center crown, and have plenty of headspace and interior space. Yurts can be connected to create a bar area or breakout area.

Yurts with a spiral design

This wedding tent option features a bedroom loft and is perfect for a couple looking for a more rustic style. This style carries over the rustic aesthetic of the yurt into the bedroom, and is made with a keyhole window in the center of the roof. It has a ceiling fan nearby to keep air circulating. A spiral stair leads up to the loft, while the small footprint keeps the yurt’s look and feel traditional.

Frame tents

A frame tent has a metal frame that has crossbars that resemble the roof of a house. A frame tent may use guylines and weights to keep it in place, but not as many as a pole tent. It may also have a ceiling liner that covers the metal frame. Frame tents generally have a clear or white top. Their cost is comparable to pole tents, tent rental in San Francisco. Frame tents are also a popular choice for outdoor weddings.

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